Membership in DMT gives you and your family access to a variety of opportunities to live an active Jewish life in Oslo. The community’s members are responsible for a number of institutions and activities for all age groups.

Social and cultural life in the community is diverse and requires active contributions from members in order to provide all of the services the community should have. The community is officially orthodox, but at the same time is composed of a diverse membership who are all able to live “under one roof”. As a paying member, you and your family will have access to a rich variety of activities and services: Brit Mila, a private kindergarten (with municipal rates), and cheider teaching (ages 6-18) with a special program for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and youth leadership training.

We also offer activities like Shabbat seminars for children and youth, a summer camp in Norway for younger children and a Nordic summer camp for older children. University students also have their own activities and evening arrangements.

For adults we have study circles and thematic courses, and a number of Shabbat and holiday meals are arranged for the whole family.

For our elderly members we provide a retiree offer, visiting services, and an elderly living facility with assorted levels of assisted living facilities. All services at the old age home and funerals are carried out according to orthodox traditions.

Membership in DMT follows the community’s own statutes and shall be approved by the rabbi and the board.  Please consider contacting us if you wish to apply for membership.

Below you’ll find a link to a copy of the community’s statues (in Norwegian), as well as a link to a  membership form.