an offer to SENIOR citizens

The Jewish Senior Center has 16 senior apartments and 6 nursing-home rooms. The residents are welcome to furnish their apartments and nursing-home rooms with their own furniture and curtains.  

The center has around the  clock staff, including a doctor, nurses, assistants and cooks. The residents also benefit from physical therapy, podiatry, and a hairdresser.

We offer activities such as gymnastics, musical entertainment, afternoon coffee, bingo, movie-night, excursions, BBQs, bar-evening, and much more 

The center is wall to wall with the synagoge, and there is step-free access between them. 


Søke om plass

To apply for a place you need to contact the county or borough you live in.  

The cost is the same if you live at the Jewish Senior Centre, or in a public institution, and it is the county or borough that determines the cost 

Your application will be attended to locally based on the current legal framework.

For more information, please call: 22595080