Jewish Funerals and The Chevra Kadisha

All members of the community are buried the same way, regardless of stature. When a death occurs The Jewish Burial Society, the Chevra Kadisha, is contacted and commence organising the funeral.

Chevra Kadisha -“The Holy Society” – is a voluntary group within the Jewish Community of Oslo.  All aspects of a Jewish funeral falls within their purview, including all religious duties and ensuring a dignified interment.

Before the funeral the deceased is ritually washed, a process called “tahara” which ensures ritual purity. The deceased is then dressed in new, hand-sewn, white garments.

All funerals follow the same, simple ritual. Remembering the life of deceased, as well as comforting the mourners is paramount.

The Jewish cemetery is located in Helsfyr, Oslo.  Unveiling the tombstone usually occures one Jewish calendar year after the funeral.

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