Bar og Bat Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutoring is available to all the community’s children. 

The ceremony is different for girles and boys:  Girls prepare a Dvar Tora which they give in front of the congregation on Shabbat following the Torah reading.  This is done in cooperation with the Rabbi.  They can also choose to read from the Torah in an all womens group a year or two lataer, but not on Shabbat.

Boys read from the Torah on Shabbat, and some also lead the Mussaf service.  The preper together with the Cantor.

The girls and boys preper the portion of the Torah that corresponds with their birthday Shabbat, according to the Jewish calendar.  This is calculated from day of birth and happens in the twelth year for the girls, and the thirteenth for the boys.  The ceremony preferably takes place on this Shabbat, but can also be after.

The family usually holds a festive Kiddus for the congregation. Many familes choose to celebrate the occasion with a party in the community’s ballroom after Shabbat is over.