About The Jewish Community of Oslo

The Jewish Community of Oslo (Det Mosaiske Trossamfund) was founded in 1892.

A democratic institution right from the start, the board is chosen at the general assembly where every community member has always been able to vote.  All halachic Jews can become members. We follow Orthodox halacha, which means we consider a person born of a Jewish mother, or through Orthodox conversion, to be Jewish.

The Rabbi is Orthodox, and the community follows Orthodox practices and rituals. However, the members religious observance is rather variable, and we welcome everyone:  Our community includes Jews that grew up with little or no religious commitment, others that attended Reform temples, as well as those raised in a strictly Orthodox environment. Our ambition is for all to feel welcome and at home, and to respect each others differences.

We are the largest Jewish institution in Norway, and our mission is to secure the continuity of Jewish life in Norway.  We are proud that our offering spans from cradle to grave.  Our members are the corner stone of our community, and the majority of activities are planned by voluntary committees. The spirit of volunteerism is strong – enabling a feeling of community, making a difference, having a purpose, learning and friendship.  And last but not least, ensuring that Jewish life continues to be vital part of Norwegian society. 

We are proud to be an integral part of Norwegian democracy.  We are both Jewish and Norwegian – those of us who are not Norwegian still feel a strong connection to Norway.  Our members have roots back to the 1800’s, and are also new immigrants.  Some of our members have emigrated from Norway, yet still wish to remain a part of the Norwegian-Jewish community.